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Yearly Archives: 2018

Carry Shubert

Part postcard home, part visitors’ guide, part People’s History of the United States, Laura Madeline Wiseman’s poems split open America with an observer’s care. A bicyclist rides the open road with no windshield, and this chronicler pockets lists of lost objects, animals, weathers, geologies, customs, body pains, and the mind’s relentless thoughts. Wiseman has a…

Carry Oleson

“The road is empty and there’s so much here.” With its biting flies, granny gears, and a proliferation of mysterious spoons, Laura Madeline Wiseman’s What a Bicycle Can Carry is at turns fiercely melancholic and playful, a generous meditation on the intersection of self and place that stitches one moment/image/sensation to the next. Wiseman’s chronicle…

Carry Reddy

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s What a Bicycle Can Carry shows the beauty that can be made by attending to what’s been disregarded, overlooked, and cast off. Though the structure of the book – a trek across America by bicycle, with sections giving the names of states and poems defined by the day of the trip and…

Journey Meiners

There’s always movement afoot in Laura Madeline Wiseman’s words. Even when a speaker in a poem seems stuck, longing for the next thing or repainting a scene from way back when. In body and mind, Madeline takes you on these journeys, however mournful or hopeful, landing you softly somewhere, grateful for the ride. –William Meiners,…