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  • Through a Certain Forest

    Through a Certain Forest

    This collection revisits the troll in fairy tales and includes Pushcart Prize nominated poems that appeared in Mobius, Silver Blade, and The Citron Review.


  • Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts

    Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts

    Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts anthology collects the work of 170 contemporary women poets and artists.


  • Velocipede


    A 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist for Sports, Velocipede is a poetry collection about bicycles inspired by RAGBRAI.


  • People Like Cats

    People Like Cats

    People Like Cats is a collaborative book with art by Chuka Susan Chesney and poetry by Laura Madeline Wiseman published by Red Dashboard. Featuring Chesney's lush and varied art and…


  • Leaves of Absence

    Leaves of Absence

    A collaborative project, Leave of Absence: An Illustrated Guide to Common Garden Affection, with art and illustrations by Sally Deskins and poetry by Laura Madeline Wiseman. With a lush look…


  • An Apparently Impossible Adventure

    An Apparently Impossible Adventure

    A strange and wondrous world in this ambitious new collection. In deft turns, Wiseman travels multiple geographies – the world of myth and true fairy tales, the underworld of sketchy…


  • The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters: Ten Tales

    The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters: Ten Tales

    In the second person of these relentlessly gritty stories, you are not a spectator, but a participant, as the far-from-ordinary lives of The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters sweep you…


  • Drink


    There are mermaids in our midst. They couple with sailors. They regard great cities from their floating vantage points in the water. They are "concerned about the female body." And…


  • Wake


    With nods to fairy tales, mythology, and Emily Dickinson, Wake imagines a female Death, both tender and brutal


  • The Bottle Opener

    The Bottle Opener

    On a quaint vacation to the ocean, a Midwestern couple finds a drift bottle, and another, until there are dozens. Taking the mysterious messages home, they seek to break the…


  • Threnody


    Threnody explores the figure of lady-death, an icon come to life in these poems about the death cart, the death kiss, and a narrative dance with death.


  • American Galactic

    American Galactic

    American Galactic explores the sci-fi realm of Martians, crop circles, abductions, and how humans face an extraterrestrial invasion: "I don't know/ what I'd do if Martians arrived at my door."…


  • Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience

    Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience

    Finalist for the 2013 Backwaters Prize Nominee for the Elgin Award, 2015 & 2016 In this campy, contemporary retelling of the Bluebeard myth, Laura Madeline Wiseman charts the love of…


  • Spindrift


    The poems in Spindrift blur the already fragmented lines of gender, offering us mermaids with beards, hairy nipples, and a thirst for damaged remains.


  • Intimates and Fools

    Intimates and Fools

    Honor Book for the 2015 Nebraska Book Award for Cover/Design/Illustration Intimates and Fools couples body art and poetry to intimate the complicating pairing of the female form and cultural notions…


  • Queen of the Platform

    Queen of the Platform

    Queen of the Platform are poems are based on the life of Laura Madeline Wiseman’s great-great-great-grandmother, the nineteenth century lecturer, suffragist, and poet, Matilda Fletcher Wiseman (1842-1909) and the men…


  • First Wife

    First Wife

    Praise for First Wife Media First Wife Book Trailer.  Related Links


  • Stranger Still

    Stranger Still

    Praise for Stranger Still Media Stranger Still Book Trailer.  Related Links


  • Men and Their Whims

    Men and Their Whims

    Praise for Men and Their Whims Related Links


  • Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence

    Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence

    Selected for the Nebraska 150 Book List The anthology Women Write Resistances: Poets Resist Gender Violence (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013) views poetry as a transformative art. By deploying techniques to…


  • Unclose the Door

    Unclose the Door

    The poems in the letterpress book Unclose the Door are based on the life of the nineteenth century lecturer, Matilda Fletcher (1842-1909), who spoke among other suffragists of her time,…


  • Sprung


    Semi-finalist for the 2010 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize by Persea Books Sprung, is bold and exacting of our assumptions of gendered relationships and sexual identity. This is a dazzling…


  • Farm Hands

    Farm Hands

    Farm Hands is a limited edition letterpress book published by a letterpress in housed at Bradley University in Heuser Hall in Peoria, Illinois. Gold Quoin Press used offset printing and…


  • She Who Loves Her Father

    She Who Loves Her Father

    Finalist for the 2010 Apprentice House Chapbook Competition Praise for She Who Loves Her Father Related Links


  • Branding Girls

    Branding Girls

    Finalist for the 2009 Cervena Barva Press Poetry Chapbook Contest Branding Girls delves into consumerism, brands, and advertising while using the ekphrasis to respond to contemporary women artists and their…


  • Ghost Girl

    Ghost Girl

    Semi-Finalist for the 2009 Robin Becker Chapbook Prize Ghost Girl explores memory loss and recovery after relocation. While many of the poems are traditional in form (villanelle, ekphrasis, prose, found),…


  • My Imaginary

    My Imaginary

    Finalist for the 2008 Midnight Sun Chapbook Contest Semi-Finalist for the 2008 Robin Becker Chapbook Prize Honorable Mention for the 2008 Palettes & Quills Chapbook Contest Praise for My Imaginary