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Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl

Semi-Finalist for the 2009 Robin Becker Chapbook Prize

Ghost Girl explores memory loss and recovery after relocation. While many of the poems are traditional in form (villanelle, ekphrasis, prose, found), Ghost Girl reclaims the heroic journey as a female one.

Praise for Ghost Girl

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Ghost Girl chapbook collection is not for the faint of heart. These are alert, visceral works of imagination and true grit. Intelligent and sophisticated, Wiseman becomes the clear-eyed oracle for our contemporary culture. Ghost Girl is as much a metaphor for being present in our lives as it is a haunting presence in these unforgettable, sagacious poems.

– Lana Hechtman Ayers

This book will deepen your relationship with poetry. There’s an emotional range from funny to menacing but big issues are at stake—betrayal, longing, assertion, trust—and yet how stylish are the deliverables. The subjects are sometimes terrifying: rape, oppression, power… The writer combines art and experience to make an otherworldly masterwork.

– Grace Cavalier, Washington Independent Review of Books

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