Award-winning writer, teacher
and scholar

My Imaginary

My Imaginary

Finalist for the 2008 Midnight Sun Chapbook Contest
Semi-Finalist for the 2008 Robin Becker Chapbook Prize
Honorable Mention for the 2008 Palettes & Quills Chapbook Contest

In her brilliant My Imaginary, sass and success, drag and heft come packaged in words that sway and tease, lift and laugh for our pleasure and sometimes pain. Who’s in charge here? we might wonder but the answer is always Laura Madeline Wiseman in her remarkable chapbook. Perfect.

– Hilda Raz

We might assume an imaginary…would prove provocative, but who knew it could be so funny? Spunky and heady, Laura Madeline Wiseman’s My Imaginary will excite you with a “slow touch of bliss.” Within poems and across the collection, Wiseman bounces between mind and body, stimulating us with playful rhythms and surprising twists of stereotype. My Imaginary is a great ride. And a fantastic read.

– Christine Stewart-Nuñez