Award-winning writer, teacher
and scholar

Spindrift Deskins

Wiseman’s writing provokes: in this dynamic world, and with only short lives, will we ever escape what is prescribed for us? Is it possible for mermaids to be redefined in literature, and moreover, is it possible for women to burst out of their molds?  In many of Wiseman’s works, we are left with hope, or response to her queries and re-examinations, but in Spindrift, we are left in the water, fending for ourselves, truth revealed, imperfections and the uphill laying open for our view. Perhaps to allow us, like the mermaids’ stones, to collect them pridefully. As the mermaids, and the shoes, we can be all of them—sexy, playful, comfortable—and more. Will we get noticed, appreciated, will literature such as Wiseman’s work make real societal changes in perspective? We don’t know—maybe not. But we’ll keep up the search, and Wiseman will keep on writing, reexamining, and bringing us provocative, moving stories.

– Sally Brown Deskins, Entropy