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Creating a classroom environment and community that facilitates the production of knowledge in the classroom, Laura Madeline Wiseman teaches from student-centered, problem-posing, and feminist pedagogies. Students explore writing through critical investigation, layered writing assignments, revision, and reflection. In her writing courses, she teaches writing as practice, reflection, and strategy and focuses on elements of craft, technique, and audience awareness.

She teaches writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and 24 Pearl Street, the Fine Arts Work Center’s Online Writing Program. She has taught a variety of courses in writing, strategic writing, business writing, creative writing, literature, women’s and gender studies, popular culture, composition, and editing. She has taught online. She has developed courses. She has also led writing classes and workshops at local women’s shelters, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Drake University, Paper Fields Creative Writing Workshop, Split This Rock Poetry Festival, the Red Hen Press Writing in the Schools program, and the Nebraska Writers Guild Poetry Retreat in Red Cloud, Nebraska at the Willa Cather Second Home.

The UNL Teaching Council and Parents Association recognized her teaching by presenting her with a Certificate of Recognition for Contribution to Students. She has presented papers on pedagogy at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference, the Midwest Modern Language Association Convention, Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs Conference, and the Midwest Modern Language Association Conference. Most recently, she presented in the panel “Collaborative & Evolutionary Course Design: Lessons Learned from a High Enrollment Writing Course” at the Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology Symposium. She has attended professional development workshops at the Adobe Creative Campus Workshop at the University of Utah, UNL, and elsewhere.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, English Department, Women’s & Gender Studies Program, College of Business Administration, College of Journalism and Mass Communications
Lecturer, 2011 – current

  • Advanced Writing Poetry (ENG 453) [1 section]
  • Writing and Communities (ENG 254) [4 sections]
  • Writing Poetry (ENG 253) [1 section]
  • Strategic Writing (ADPR 221) [4 sections]
  • Business Writing (BSAD 220) [10 sections]
  • Writing: Rhetoric as Argument (ENG 151) [1 section]
  • Writing: Rhetoric as Inquiry (ENG 150) [4 sections]
  • Writing: Rhetoric & Reading (ENG 101) [4 sections]
  • Women’s Studies (WMNS 101) [3 sections]

24 Pearl Street, the Fine Arts Work Center’s Online Writing Program
Instructor, 2016 – current

Southeast Community College, Department of English
Instructor, 2015 - 2016

  • Composition II (English 1020) [1 section]
  • Composition I (English 1010) [5 sections]
  • Composition I – web/online (English 1010) [1 sections]

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of English
Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2006 - 2011

  • Women in Popular Culture (English 315b) [3 sections]
  • Writing and Communities (English 254) [4 sections]
  • Writing Poetry (English 253) [2 sections]
  • Writing Poetry: Women’s Poetry (English 253A) [3 sections]
  • Introduction to Creative Writing (English 250) [1 section]
  • Twentieth-Century Women Writers (English 215j) [1 section]
  • Introduction to Literature (English 180) [1 section]
  • Writing: Rhetoric as Argument (English 151 Honors/151) [3 sections]
  • Writing: Rhetoric as Inquiry (English 150 Honors/150) [5 sections]
  • Writing: Rhetoric and Reading (English 101) [2 sections]

University of Arizona, Department of Women’s Studies, Department of Physical Education
Adjunct Instructor, 2002 - 2006

  • Women and Western Culture (Women’s Studies 200) [5 sections]
  • Gender and Contemporary Society (Individuals in Society 102) [6 sections]

University of Arizona, Department of Women’s Studies, Department of Physical Education
Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2002 - 2006

  • History of Modern Sexuality (History 210) [2 sections]
  • Women and Western Culture (Women’s Studies 200) [1 section]
  • Gender and Contemporary Society (Individuals in Society 102) [2 sections]
  • Sports, Leisure, and Consumer Culture (Individuals in Society 102) [12 sections]

Pedagogy Publications

Collected in Teaching Literature with Digital Technology: Assignments (Bedford/St. Martin, 2016), her essay with Adam Wagler, “Shaking the Magic 8 Ball: Social Media for Readers and Writers,” discusses an assignment that asks students to rhetorically investigate social media usage of authors.

Collected in Dispatches from the Classroom (Continuum, 2011), her scholarly essay “Dear Diary: Violence, Confession, and (Creative) Writing Pedagogies” explores trauma writing as a space for students to reclaim their stories in the writing classroom.

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