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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Sprung Dobinson

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s collection, Sprung, delves into an intimate and uncertain world that is by turns visceral, domestic, succulent, and uncomfortable. Poems that are striking on their own together weave a masterful and playful narrative of a highly unusual relationship. In asking whether we can count on or even control the imaginary, Sprung completely bypasses…

Sprung Auchter

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s risqué collection, Sprung, is bold and exacting of our assumptions of gendered relationships and sexual identity. This is a dazzling collection and given the focus of the work, is distinctly feminine in its narrative arc and scope. Sprung is an intelligent, highly imaginative collection filled with sensuality and lyrical wildness which makes…

Unclose Lewis

Because, as history has shown, they are so often erased, preserving the stories of the foremothers may be the ultimate feminist act.  Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Unclose the Door performs artistic homage to a character from the poet’s own family tree—suffragist, lecturer, and inventor Matilda Fletcher—by giving her voice in this collection.  Following the tough, thoughtful…

Unclose Case

Linked through her family history to Matilda Fletcher—suffragist, writer, lecturer, inventor (of an improved portable trunk), and the subject of the well-crafted work in Unclose the Door—Laura Madeline Wiseman’s book should interest all readers of poetry, not only those interested in historical poems. Politically aware, Wiseman’s writing in poems like “Judge Hilton and the Women’s…