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Monthly Archives: August 2017

WWR Berns

Women Write Resistance draws us into a world of pain and oppression, but also hope. Words often fail to describe the violence women endure. However, through poetry, these women capture the trauma experienced by so many. The stories of abuse painted in the poems leave a haunting legacy and dare us to stand up against…

WWR Darling

The act of writing is not typically viewed as an assertion of power or an articulation of authority. Putting pen to paper requires only a voice and an idea. However, the women included in this anthology do more than defy this long-entrenched logic…. the poems and poets included in Women Write Resistance work to display…

WWR Gianotti

She urges us to read and write poetry that ‘makes things happen, or at the very least, had the potential to initiate action.’ …. Wiseman accurately opines the power of language, the most powerful weapon humankind has ever created, able to combat violence but equally able to inviolate….Her process results in a wonderful kaleidoscope of perspective…Women Write…

WWR Shoemaker

In compiling this collection, Laura Madeline Wiseman had a mission to bring the thematic subject of these poems — violence against women — into the spotlight where the public could not ignore what is too often private or ignored or pushed aside… Wiseman posits poets achieve change by writing poems that break the silence, raise…