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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Echo Case

In these essays on intimacies—between bicycle and bicyclist, memory and body, body and landscape—Wiseman captures in quiet complexity those oft-sought moments when loss and beauty exist side by side and the rider “is nowhere.” —Jennie Case, author of Sawbill: A Search for Place

Echo Fraterrigo

From the shifting color of the sky to polite conversations with fellow cyclists, everything in Laura Madeline Wiseman’s A Bicycle’s Echo means much more than its initial glance. There is a meditative depth to these essays that transcends the page and encourages all of us to consider our place in time anew. Both insightful and…

Echo Montgomery

How many words are enough to speak the language of bicycles?” asks Laura Madeline Wiseman to open a collection of essays that explores the beauty of making one’s way through the world by bike, human and machine working in unison. In essays at once questioning and nostalgic, Wiseman reflects on trips through the bucolic Midwest…