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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Safety Krcmarik

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Safety Measures poignantly recounts her experiences making the daunting 4,300-mile journey from Washington to Maine – alone. She writes almost lyrically about her inner thoughts and concerns as she encounters the inevitable obstacles of taking such an epic journey as a woman alone on the often dangerous and unforgiving road. Filled with…

Safety Richter

Safety Measures by Laura Madeline Wiseman documents the wanderlust of a woman and her bicycle.  Moments of tangible fear, joy and exhaustion inch you closer to understanding both the ride and the desire to ride. An empowering book of perseverance, reflection and occasional calamity, Safety Measures will leave you wondering what you are capable of...and…

Safety Peon-Casanova

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Safety Measures documents something that is dear, sacred, a safe place, a compass. Not many know what they want to do with their studies, but Wiseman knew she wanted to explore cycling and take that intimate leap to name experience. Part of the lure of cycling is self-reliance. You could be vulnerable…