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Back Eno

There’s something meditative about combining activity and nature; whether it’s biking the 5.7 miles to my office or canoeing through the Boundary Waters, I get a distinct sense of adventure and freedom when I disconnect from my technology. It’s similar to what Laura Madeline Wiseman describes in 6 Back-to-Back Centuries on Route 66. Wiseman reminds us of the importance of these adventures. Not unlike Route 66, on Highway 169 to Ely, Minnesota, we would catch glimpses of North Woods culture. I’m on the lookout for the Paul Bunyan statues, the roadside attractions that make the trip less boring for the kids, and reminders that we’re leaving everything else behind. For us, that’s our disconnect, bringing the bug spray, and a book to read in the long evenings around camp. The nostalgic escape provided by both the story and the wilderness is what makes the trip worthwhile. And I always bring a book.
-Alan Eno