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and scholar


  • Farm Hands

    Farm Hands

    Farm Hands is a limited edition letterpress book published by Gold Quoin Press housed at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.


  • She Who Loves Her Father

    She Who Loves Her Father

    She Who Loves Her Father explores Cleopatra myths, stories of mummies, and journeys through the underworld.


  • Branding Girls

    Branding Girls

    Branding Girls delves into consumerism, brands, and advertising while using the ekphrasis to respond to contemporary women artists and their work.


  • Ghost Girl

    Ghost Girl

    Ghost Girl explores memory loss after relocation. While many of the poems are traditional in form, Ghost Girl reclaims the heroic journey as a female one.


  • My Imaginary

    My Imaginary

    A debut chapbook that explores the way language genders and sexualizes our most intimate relationships.