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Cats Cihlar

Cats are both comfort and bane in this quirky and charming combination of poems and visual art. They hold down the four corners of the book as they would a quilt on a futon, witchy familiars, seeing our future as they turn into externalizations of ourselves. No mere lap kitties here, this is the eternal…

Cats Skau

At least since the time of Christopher Smart and Thomas Gray through that of T. S. Eliot, poets have focused on their affection for cats. Laura Madeline Wiseman and Chuka Susan Chesney’s People Like Cats continues this strong tradition with beauty, variety, and sensitivity. Wiseman's witty verbal play on common language about cats does not…

Cats Davis

Chuka Susan Chesney's cats are fluid, graceful, languid, impressionistic, and magical. Her art work makes a purr-fect pairing with the poetic, free-form short stories crafted by Laura Madeline Wiseman, whose words claw at memory and scratch at desire…it is their love for cats that is the most compelling. Together Chesney and Wiseman’s work is as…

Cats Anderson

Life is a balance. Laura Madeline Wiseman weaves personal stories with universal truths of what it means to live with and learn from cats. This eclectic collection of poetry is paired with images by Chuka Susan Chesney that capture the energy and complexity of the feline character and the mark they leave on our hearts…and around our…