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Echo Whitwer

"Do objects teleport us to other times?" asks Laura Madeline Wiseman in A Bicycle's Echo a compilation of essays about cycling. The answer is a resounding "yes." Not only another place in time but "a place reachable only by bike."   Places that are beautiful, painful, educational, hard, healing and sweet.  Both cyclist and non-cyclists are heartily welcomed…

Echo Mason

Wiseman pries open the heart of cycling as a sport, as a diversion, and as an escape from what ails you. Few today realize that bike racing was a premier participant and spectator sport in 1920s and 30's America, and Wiseman is part of, and an author for, the rebirth of this great human pursuit…

Echo Benson

In A Bicycle’s Echo, Laura Madeline Wiseman lets us ride sidesaddle as she journeys through headwinds and heartbreak, over mountains and memories, from the Midwest to the Mojave and beyond. Tender, thoughtful, and packed with vivid, chewy prose, A Bicycle’s Echo invites us all to consider what’s out there and how we might go about…

Echo Farmer

In prose that evokes all the sensory experience that bicycling provides, Wiseman takes us along as she pedals throughout the Great Plains and the West. Along the way we are given lyrical reflections on the way cycling connects her to childhood memories, to her father and grandfather, as well as her beloved dog Echo. Ultimately,…