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Fatal Smith

In Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience, everything is a “dark fairy tale”—drunk coeds, mewling kittens, a “broad shouldered punk in blue jeans.” In these contemporary re-imaginings of Grimm, we see a world peopled by a new kind of princess, ones who cannot be kept locked away in towers.  Like Angela Carter and Anne Sexton before…

Fatal Rochelle

What happens when a woman dares to enter forbidden spaces? Tucked into legend, the poems in this collection shift from sensual to sexy and from enchanting to haunting, as they explore the question. Laura Madeline Wiseman is both poet and storyteller, deftly moving back and forth through time, weaving breathtaking parts into a heart-stopping whole.…

Fatal Ayers

Predicated on the Bluebeard tale, Wiseman weaves a contemporary mythology that reaches more deeply and pervasively into the very human psychology and psychosis we name love. These poems traverse a dark storm of sexuality—the forbidden, the cruel, the guilty-pleasures. Lunacy and denial pulse mysteriously as mating ritual, as in these lines from “Solo Artist, Another…

Fatal Sellers

Wiseman’s imagination is expansive, sultry, and wild. Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience is a masterpiece of antonyms. Wiseman’s speaker first appears to be a traditional woman: married, want of secrets, but curious and complex. Like many women, she wrestles with society’s fetters, which is easily identifiable and sympathetic. It is in this way…