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Journey Wells

These poems comprise not a book but an experience to be savored.  In Journey to Nowhere, a story unfolds as deftly rendered as it is delicately layered. With lyrical and story-telling style, Laura Madeline Wiseman shifts a life of poverty, hunger, and lack into proper fuel to feed the warrior, sweeping the reader along in…

Journey Harrison

Laura Madeline Wiseman refabricates spaces natural, manmade, and mystical, voice urgent, unrelenting. Vital lines, fragmentation, and shifting form call upon readers to consider submission and redemption, to reimagine “warrior,” to see and re-see “nowhere.” To read Journey to Nowhere is to relearn breath and touch. —Janine Harrison, author of If We Were Birds

Journey Meiners

There’s always movement afoot in Laura Madeline Wiseman’s words. Even when a speaker in a poem seems stuck, longing for the next thing or repainting a scene from way back when. In body and mind, Madeline takes you on these journeys, however mournful or hopeful, landing you softly somewhere, grateful for the ride. –William Meiners,…

Journey Sachs

Poets are wanderers and wonder-makers at heart. In Journey to Nowhere, Laura Madeline Wiseman takes the reader on a simultaneously transcendent and embodied journey through poverty, yoga poses and philosophy, and to islands yet to be named. She writes, “Our aim is to be great, to become half something else,” and through these poems we…