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Men Darling

Men and their Whims, offers readers a thought-provoking relationship between form and content. Evocative vignettes of Civil War love, loss, and trauma are presented in beautifully crafted couplets, tercets, and prose passages. Within these pristinely wrought historical portraits, Wiseman gives us with a poignant fragmentation of meaning, calling our attention to the inherent instability of…

Men Adkins

Laura Madeline Wiseman is a poet of great courage and intelligence; and in this remarkable new book, she invites us to pass through a window to a time during and around the Civil War, when the machinery of death touched almost everyone. Against this backdrop and working with the subjects of forbidden love, lost love,…

Men Reichard

In Men and Their Whims, Laura Madeline Wiseman digs deep into the lives of 19th century lecturer and poet Matilda Fletcher and her brother, George W. Felts. Borrowing from the official record and adding to it her own powerful voice, Wiseman uncovers two equally important manifestations of history: the stories and anecdotes that comprise the…