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Tales Bellinger

The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters: Ten Tales gathers feminist working class stories in a witty and entertaining collection. Laura Madeline Wiseman delivers the personal discovery writ large on every girl’s body in honest, sometimes painful and sometimes humorous detail. From cockroach carcasses as cat toys, to urban childhood hunger, and through awkward love affairs,…

Tales Kovanda

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s newest collection of short stories, The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters, Ten Tales, uses second person to create a sense of unease. The reader is thrust into the center of the story, where imagery of poverty, resplendent with cockroaches, lice, and the perils of being female are shoved into your psyche. Her…

Tales Carlisle

Reading Wiseman’s prose is like watching the world in slow motion, beneath a magnifying glass. It is full of startling images, meticulously rendered, of girlhood and poverty, the beauty, pain, and strength of a female body. – Kelly Grey Carlisle