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Threnody Blotterature

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Threnody (Porkbelly Press, 2014) defies categorization. The fourteen micro-pieces float between genres, which creates a reading experience as mysterious and ethereal as the subject matter. The chapbook is a beautiful rendition of some of the most conflicting and uncomfortable female experiences, personified through lady death and her death cart.... You don’t just…

Threnody Bhattacharjee

Threnody (from the Greek word thrēnōidia implying lament) is set in New Mexico and narrates the journey of the protagonist “I” who meets lady death, befriends her, and rides in her death cart. Wiseman is a brilliant poet, and this can be seen in the manner in which she constructs the fourteen micro-pieces. All of…

Threnody Tuite

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Threnody is one kickass, wailing dirge that has death driving shotgun, “more hold you than break you apart,” luminous, pulsating language that defies fear and denial. – Meg Tuite

Threnody Baker

These poems are powerful, possessing great lyrical intensity and a profound sense of the mystery inherent in this mythic feminine journey into the underworld. Here the poet is an archeologist of the subterranean mind, lifting bits and pieces of knowledge like shards of pottery back up to the light. – Devreaux Baker