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Velocipede Chavez

As in much of Laura Madeline Wiseman’s work, Velocipede invites readers to lean in and hear voices usually lost in the din; in this case, the grinding of gears, the slipping of chains, tires on the road. These sensual poems illuminate the intimate relationship between bicycle and human, sometimes in the beauty of a symbiosis…

Velocipede Kosmicki

Who knew bicycles have inner lives? Or that 10 American writers, from Twain to Miller, had relationships with bikes? Or, even, who knows—What the heck’s a Velocipede? From the invocation of “Cyclist,” a poem that gives you the unquestionable sense of having stumbled into Satori somewhere inside the layers of a bicyclist’s energy bar made…

Velocipede Abels

Our bikes have watched us all our lives. They bear our load. With great patience, moving past short-lived babbling fads like treadmills, big screen TVs, and big box stores, Laura Madeline Wiseman’s bikes (which are our bikes) help us to both remember and predict our own road stories. Likewise, Wiseman reminds us that just as…