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Wake Perrine

With nods to fairy tales, mythology, and Emily Dickinson, Wake imagines a female Death, both tender and brutal, at one moment the hand “pushing hair behind my ear” and at the next the sexual aggressor who “tries to maneuver my lips to steal my breath, / to give me the tongue she doesn’t have.” In…

Wake Bauer

In Laura Madeline Wiseman’s latest collection, Death and her monstrous cohorts take us on a mythic journey into the underworld and back. This is book of the dead who are inside us, who “live in our muscles and bones.” It’s wild ride, this undertaking—a trip that leaves us reeling in a wake of dreams. –…

Wake Barker

Who would have thought an exploration of death narratives could be so engrossing? From the “ladies of death” who ride in carts, “bow held at the ready,” to those who are “part of our muscles and bones,” to the lady who says she’ll be a “long lost twin-sister,” death in these poems is no stereotyped “cloak…

Wake Deskins

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s Wake…recall the moment when we might enter the world, begin to see differently, maybe want to take everything on, no longer naïve, a sad yet awakening moment in life, but not without humor. Such is this collection, as with Wiseman’s others, a page-turning ride of abstract and real, calling to the shifting…