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WWR Dawes

One of the most pernicious forms of violence enacted against women is the silencing of those who have been violated and abused.  The poems in Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence constitute a collective shout of alarm and defiance in the face of such silencing.  The voices are rich in power, nuance, raw honesty,…

WWR Kennedy

Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence is ideal for use in introductory and advanced Gender and Women’s Studies courses.  The more than 100 poems  give fresh insight into women’s experience of  various types of violence– war, rape, domestic abuse, incest, intimidation— and their  social contexts,  while reflecting on root causes of violence, methods of…

WWR Berns

Women Write Resistance draws us into a world of pain and oppression, but also hope. Words often fail to describe the violence women endure. However, through poetry, these women capture the trauma experienced by so many. The stories of abuse painted in the poems leave a haunting legacy and dare us to stand up against…

WWR Darling

The act of writing is not typically viewed as an assertion of power or an articulation of authority. Putting pen to paper requires only a voice and an idea. However, the women included in this anthology do more than defy this long-entrenched logic…. the poems and poets included in Women Write Resistance work to display…