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A Bicycle’s Echo

A Bicycle’s Echo

Cover Art & Illustrations by Adam Wagler

An illustrated linked-collection of essays on cycling and the love of dogs from Laura Madeline Wiseman. A Bicycle’s Echo includes “Finding the Gap on Dead Man's Run” selected as a Finalist in the 41st New Millennium Writings 2016 Literary Awards for Nonfiction and “Seven Cities of Good” which was the Honorable Mention in the 2016 Pacifica Literary Review Creative Nonfiction Contest. When Laura Madeline Wiseman got her first part-time job washing dishes in a nursing home, her dad got her a bicycle, a Ten-Speed Olympia Huffy, and started her on a commuter’s adventure. Written in clear and compelling prose, A Bicycle’s Echo reflects on commuting, long-distance cycling, and refurbishing old Scwhinns. Crossing international borders by bicycle, riding through a Midwestern fog, and taking city trails where wildlife still forages, these essays consider the ways we journey, who guides our path, and the pets, friends, and family who welcomes us home.

In A Bicycle’s Echo, Laura Madeline Wiseman lets us ride sidesaddle as she journeys through headwinds and heartbreak, over mountains and memories, from the Midwest to the Mojave and beyond. Tender, thoughtful, and packed with vivid, chewy prose, A Bicycle’s Echo invites us all to consider what’s out there and how we might go about finding it.
—Brian Benson, author of Going Somewhere

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