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American Galactic

American Galactic

Cover Art by Christopher Coffey

American Galactic explores the sci-fi realm of Martians, crop circles, abductions, and how humans face an extraterrestrial invasion: "I don't know/ what I'd do if Martians arrived at my door." From pop culture films like Planet of the __________, to comic book icons like Poison Ivy, to the larger literary imaginary of the red planet's inhabitants, American Galactic charts the intergalactic tale right here at home. Find out about "The Left Boob of Largeness." Learn "What do Martians Want." Understand "Why not to Buy Martians Sundaes Topped with Cherries." And ultimately enjoy these "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in this bold new book of sci-fi poetry.

The Martians serve as a lens through which American, or broader human, culture is critiqued and explored…But underneath the Martian trappings and Martian tourists and Martians in the hedgerows, Wiseman’s collection is underscored by an intense yearning for the red planet just beyond our own, a planet whose nearness has captured the imagination of humanity for centuries. –  Star*Line

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