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Every Girl Becomes the Wolf

Every Girl Becomes the Wolf


Cover Art by Katy Horan

Collaboratively written with Andrea Blythe, this chapbook explores the received images of the feminine in fairy tales. The women and girls in Every Girl Becomes the Wolf resist the common tropes of red riding hoods, gilded mirrors, and iced palaces. Every girl becomes the wolf because every girl has the power to tear apart the cultural conceit of wicked stepmoms, heartless mothers, and voracious monsters. Witches, hags, and mothers of damaged creatures from myth, movies, and lore prowl through this poetry. Lilith settles in to enjoy the county fair rib-off, Grendel’s mother holds her son close, and the Sphynx bears the weight of mythic secrets. Mothers demand their own freedom, daughters refuse gendered expectations, and wives leave what spoils with rot behind. As they wrestle with their place in these stories, they transform into figures outside of the victims or villains they have been perceived to be.

Andrea Blythe and Laura Madeline Wiseman howl in ferocious harmony in their chapbook Every Girl Becomes the Wolf.  In prose poems, pantoums, and every kind of poetry in between, they re-envision the roles of women and girls.  The subvert assumptions and assume subversion.  This is one gutsy duo here to help us navigate and survive these difficult times.
– Denise Duhamel

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