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Intimates and Fools

Intimates and Fools

Cover Art & Illustration: Sally Deskins

Honor Book Award Winner for the 2015 Nebraska Book Award for Illustration

Intimates and Fools couples body art and poetry to intimate the complicating pairing of the female form and cultural notions of beauty while playfully seeking to bare and bear such burdens of their weight. Laura Madeline Wiseman's poetry explores notions of the bra and its place near the hearts of women, while contemplating literary and pop cultural allusions and illusions of such intimate apparel. Sally Deskins' body art and illustrations make vivid and bright the female form while calling into question the cultural narratives on such various shapes we hold dear, be they natural, consumer, or whimsy.

In the larger context of the book, Wiseman gently–and quite effectively–pushes the idea that women are not simply a trophy or beautiful bobble. Women are more than their breasts… Deskins’ vibrant art work throughout really makes the collection come together. I love the prettiness of the book, each page offering something relevant that adds to the text.Blot Lit Reviews

Praise for Intimates and Fools

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