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Through a Certain Forest

Through a Certain Forest

Cover Art by Amy Kollar Anderson

Through a supernatural wood ravaged by fabled creatures of our mythic past, Through a Certain Forest follows two heroes. Among sentient trees, hill-men stewards, and unstable marriages, they seek the truth of legends. They unearth extraordinary imbalances between natural landscapes and unnatural uses in a forested world. They discover what grafts nuclear threat to troll dolls from pop culture, tree agricultural, and genetic mutations. Amid this radioactive fallout, who are the giants whose steps shake mountains with horror? From a post-apocalyptic vantage, how does a modern relationship disintegrate through unchecked chemical addiction, dependency, and madness? During nuclear warfare, what healing might be possible by turning toward the intelligence of trees? By revisiting fairy-tales in classic literature and folklore, Through a Certain Forest cultivates a contemporary retelling. Follow this leaf-strewn path into an unknown woodland of familiar and unfamiliar beings that frighten, delight, and surprise.

Through a Certain Forest’s controlling symbols—trees, trolls,  fairy rings, thunder, and bombs—are multivalent, linking primal ancient beauties and blasted modern realities.
– Clif Mason

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