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A 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist for Sports

Velocipede is a stunningly crafted collection of poetry about a ride, with a magical, imaginative opening sequence "Your first bike was a hot pink Schwinn with a banana seat, a basket with flowers, yellow tassels fluttering...." If you follow Wiseman on social media, you surely know that she is a long-distance cyclist and participate in multi-day bike rides such as RAGBRAI, the long bike ride all the way across the state of Iowa that attracts nearly 20,0000 cyclists annually. Velocipede is inspired by the story of her first long-distance ride, including the award winning "Roadside Kiddie Pool," which won the 2015 Beecher's Award in Poetry.

Even if you are not already a bike enthusiast, the embodied presentness throughout the poems demonstrate a relationship between human and bicycle that is special, intimate and reciprocal. There is a psychic and material price to the freedom of motion and Wiseman’s words will convince you it is worth every beautifully sore muscle.
– Greg Kosmicki

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