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Tales Dixon

In The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters: Ten Tales, Laura Madeline Wiseman introduces us to characters that possess tenderness, believable vulnerability, and a touch of grittiness. As we journey through a world of flea-ridden apartments, weekend fishing trips, locker rooms, and a loveless marriage, the reader witnesses young women struggling with self-acceptance, approval from peers, and the desire for security. The intimate details bristle with energy as Wiseman demonstrates repeatedly that she won’t shy away from the challenges and expectations society has placed on the shoulders of females. With her exceptional prose, Wiseman encourages the reader to embrace her body, her sisterhood, and her background—whatever it may be. At the end of one story, Wiseman writes, “You give up being his wife because you’re now your own.” A lovely line that resonates with truth as does the entire collection.

– Cat Dixon