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and scholar

Tales Gannon

In the second person of these relentlessly gritty stories, you are not a spectator, but a participant, as the far-from-ordinary lives of The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters sweep you up and unspool in their own surprising, dream-like logic. In stories that catalog and collage images so precise and visceral, the “hard, clacking bodies” of roaches that the cat “endlessly bats like ice hockey pucks across the smooth concrete floor” seem just as familiar as “the green, cracked naugahyde seat” of the school bus from which “you pull off puzzle like pieces of the material,” as universally recognizable as “the hard nobs of Bazooka bubblegum dusted with white powder.” Whoever you are, where ever you come from, take one glance into Laura Madeline Wiseman’s dark and shining world. You won’t be able to look away.

– Megan Gannon